"Leadership, Hard Work, Doing the Right Thing"

Jeff Lindsey

Being a District Attorney is more than just a job, it is about doing what is right for our community. As District Attorney, I am committed to maintaining an office that serves the community, gains justice for victims, deters crime, and protects our citizens.


As your District Attorney, I promise to collaborate closely with law enforcement agencies, community leaders, and local governments. For over two decades, I have built relationships with many law enforcement leaders, and I am ready to begin building stronger relationships with local leaders on day one. I will foster open communication with the public, and I will listen to your concerns and ideas for making our community safer and stronger.


I'm committed to a balanced approach that focuses on reform and punishment, ensuring taxpayer dollars are spent wisely. I will work tirelessly to remove the most dangerous criminals from our streets. It is my goal to offer opportunities within the court system for rehabilitation for lower level, non-felony, non-violent offenders.

Prevention and Protection

As District Attorney, I will send a clear message to felony offenders and repeat offenders that their actions have escalating consequences. Local organizations and local municipal governments also play a vital role, and I'm committed to joining forces with them to work on issues like homelessness and drug abuse. I'm committed to reaching out to our schools and educating our students about the justice system. By increasing their knowledge and understanding, I want to play a part in empowering young people to make informed choices and stay on the right path.

My promise to Fremont, Chaffee, Custer, and Park Counties

I will bring proven leadership to the Office of the District Attorney. I intend to empower the team already in place and to bring in skilled and dedicated individuals who look forward to serving our community. I am committed to ensuring that our employees are highly trained, work in a positive environment, and are effective professionals.

I ask for your vote, and together, we will build a safe future for the 11th Judicial District.